Akruti 7.0 Software Free Download !!HOT!!

Akruti 7.0 Software Free Download !!HOT!!


Akruti 7.0 Software Free Download

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“The method is not valid for the endpoint” when using wsHttpBinding

I am trying to test out my first REST based Silverlight 4 application and I’m running into the “The method is not valid for the endpoint” exception.
Here is the relevant Client code:
Client c = new Client();
HttpBinding opBinding = new wsHttpBinding();
EndpointAddress opUrl = new EndpointAddress(“”);
c.Open(opBinding, opUrl);

here is the response I’m getting:



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Android – ListView only show last element?

I have a ListView, and I just want to fill it with 5 items, but I’m only getting the last one:

What’s the reason of this behavior and what could I do to fill the list with all the elements (I do have about 30 items at the moment)?


listView1 is not getting updated because of the

Remove android:layout_weight=”1″ and set the layout_width, layout_height and layout_margin attributes to 0dp from the root element.
Give all the components an equal weight by setting it to 1.

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Buggy windows 7 file explorer when many files are viewed at once

Currently i am working on a project where the user is presented with a list of images and text overlaid on top of the images. I.e. the picture of a car. The user is expected to select one of the images to be loaded, the app overlay text on top of the image, then the user can go back to the file and select another image to overlay text and so on.
The problem is, whilst selecting multiple images at once sometimes the right click menu disappears and only shows the little “action” menu with the name of the file. Selecting that leads to the normal right click menu and selecting the file, also works fine.
My theory is this is a bug in windows 7 that only affects explorer, using chrome or firefox for the file selection does not experience this, but i figured i’d ask for some help just in case.
Any ideas? Thanks,


I believe what you are describing is known as the “File Selection Problem” or the “Double-Click Problem”.
Have you tried using another file browser that does not exhibit this behavior (eg, Google Chrome’s File Browser)?
Double clicking on a file is the default file “behavior” when you want to open that file or when you want to select that file. It’s when you want to change the file “behavior” by any method, is when you’ll be experiencing the double-click problem.
In other words, the problem is not that the click double-clicks the file, it’s that when you change the “behavior” of the file it sends a message to Windows to open the file. When you have “more than one file selected” this is where you will be experiencing the double-click problem.
The solution is to change the double-click “behavior” to just open the file. You need to manage that “double click behavior” manually. The method is dependent on your file browser. When you use Internet Explorer, there is a way to do this. When you use Windows Explorer, there is a way to do this. When you use Chrome, there is a way to do this. When you use Firefox, there is a way to do this.
The method is all dependent on the file browser you’re using. For example, with


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