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Algorius Network Monitor is a scalable network management software that gives you full visibility over the health of your network. Protect your assets, give customers real time access to the data they need, and get full control of your network from one single software solution.

Algorius Network Monitor scans your network every hour and transmits each scan to remote hosts. By using Algorius IP Checker you can identify the network and devices that are no longer responding to ping requests.
More than fifty statistical reports are included and each can be customized to display the information that you require. From what I understand, this is the only product of its type on the market today. An annual subscription is recommended and provides a complete net-wide scan analysis with historical graph/chart for 15 days.

Using Algorius Network Monitor you can create reports for all types of activities including:
Network Health,
Network Inventory,
Network Monitoring,
Network Monitoring with Algorius IP Checker,
Bandwidth Monitoring,
Anti-Virus Monitoring,
PC Maintenance,
User Management,
Software Management,
and many more.
In addition to the standard reports included, you can create your own custom reports by exporting the data into a CSV format and include them in your customized Algorius Network Monitor report.

With only 30 days money back guarantee, Algorius Network Monitor is a no risk software purchase.

To find out more about Algorius Network Monitor visit or call 1-800-836-1820.
Algorius Network Monitor is a scalable network monitoring solution ready to meet the requirements of small, network and large network administrators. It comes with advanced structure visualization and monitoring capabilities, allowing the efficient management of resources and fast troubleshooting of workstations and servers.
Generate or build a network map
Thanks to the integrated network discovery wizard, creating a network map is an easy task. The application can search for connected devices by scanning network interfaces, IP ranges or specific PCs.
It retrieves information about all the terminals and servers, modems, routers, switches, NAS devices, virtual machines, shared peripherals and so on. While the list is quite broad, you can also add new types of devices to the library.
Alternatively, you can use it to design a new network map from scratch, by dragging and dropping devices, links, peripherals, satellites and other structures to

Algorius Net Viewer Crack + Free Download [Updated] 2022

Algorius Net Viewer Cracked Version provides network administrators with an integrated and highly customizable tool to manage and monitor a network infrastructure. It helps you to manage domain, workgroup, homegroup, and public network environments. You can create and schedule operating system, network and server maintenance jobs from the tool and run them from anywhere in the network. Algorius Net Viewer Activation Code supports remote management of active and inactive network devices and can be used to monitor the network activities by capturing and parsing the network events.

ExpressNetViewer Viewer is a flexible, powerful network monitoring solution that provides a quick way to explore and monitor the flow of data in your network. The application contains a live capture and visualization capabilities that allow you to view and interact with live network traffic directly from the application as it transpires.
Live traffic is captured on-the-fly using the built-in TCP/IP traffic sniffer, being displayed in real-time, and recorded to disk for further inspection. In addition, the application has a number of built-in features that allow you to monitor various network protocols and collect information from various network devices and applications.
Live network monitoring using ExpressNetViewer is particularly useful when you want to monitor network communications through the following protocols:
* Network applications
* Web and FTP servers
* Internet services (such as HTTP, SMTP, POP3, SSH, POP3, etc.)
* Distributed File System (DFS)
* Various Cisco protocols, including Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS XR, Cisco NX-OS and others
* Microsoft traffic
* Database traffic
* System logs
* NetFlow
ExpressNetViewer consists of two separate applications:
* ExpressViewer is a lightweight traffic visualization and collection applet
* ExpressManager is a powerful application that integrates ExpressViewer in a network monitoring solution
Both applications use the common interface and features, and can run on any Windows computer without the need of installing additional modules and tools.
Major capabilities of ExpressNetViewer:
* View and monitor live network traffic in real-time
* Detect network activity by protocols, file transfers or specific programs
* View and display network devices and application
* View and monitor email traffic
* Collect and log diagnostic information
ExpressNetViewer can be used to monitor a wide variety of network protocols, including:

Algorius Net Viewer Crack + Free License Key 2022 [New]

You can preview and test its behavior before installing it on your computer.
To install the program, right-click on the downloaded file and choose Run or Open.
Use the installation wizard to complete the installation process. For information about the program, see What it does.
You can also click on the link Algorius Net Viewer Free Download [Windows XP] to download the direct download link and the appropriate installer file.
After that, download the software on your computer and double-click on the downloaded file to run the program.

To install the program, you can follow the simple installation wizard and click “Next” until you get to “Finish”.
You can uncheck or check the “Install” for all the additional features you want to use, after checking “I agree to the license conditions”.

You can turn off the software to prevent it from running automatically when you restart your computer.

You can create and save a map of your computer network.
You can specify an IP address or a specific port number in the network map to monitor.
You can use the integrated device and port scanner.
You can capture a snapshot of the network map.
You can create a snapshot of the group policy settings.
You can check the status of the services running on the monitored computer.
You can run Algorius Net Viewer as a background task.
You can generate a report about all the monitored devices.
You can track the uptime of the monitored devices.
You can configure and edit the group policy settings.
You can reboot the monitored computer in a specified way.
You can save a network map as an image file.
You can export a network map as an image file.
You can make a network map automatically.
You can find missing devices in the network.
You can check the device status.
You can watch traces of network activity.
You can reboot a monitored computer in a specific way.
You can suspend a monitored computer.
You can view the operating system and service status of a monitored computer.
You can access the Group Policy Editor.
You can watch the network map.
You can view the devices in the network map.
You can view the network of your computer network.
You can browse the devices in the network.
You can specify the access to a network map.
You can specify the access to a device.
You can specify the access to a website.
You can specify the

What’s New In?

Professional high-quality monitoring software solution for network management and monitoring.
Unmatched productivity and flexibility.
Incredibly easy to use and manage.
Efficient business-level monitoring.
Delegated centralized administration.
Enables reporting and business analytics on all the monitored devices.
Support for diverse network interfaces and protocols, including DHCP, Static IP, LAN and WAN.
Trace routing over any network including VPN.
Hibernation, shutdown, power-on and wake-on-LAN functions.
Group Policy support for policy and notification creation.
Web-based administration console with drag-and-drop and inline WYSISYG editors.
Algorius Net Viewer Specifications:
Display Mode: As it can be executed on different types of operating systems, it can be used on all computers equipped with a X server, including Linux, Windows, etc. Moreover, it does not require an Internet connection or a local server.
OS: Microsoft Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)
Compatibility with different networking protocols: DHCP, Static IP, VPN, LAN and WAN.
Ability to gather information about installed software, drivers and hardware
Ability to reboot or hibernate a device remotely and to receive periodic status notifications
Compatibility with the Algorius GL Database and Algorius Translator for automated management and control of devices
Ability to generate a network map from scratch or from an existing map
Generates static reports about devices and incidents, including:
Statistical reports for devices, including:
Idle time: The total time a device is not connected to the network
Down time: The total time the device is not connected to the network
Send/receive packets: Number of packets send, received or dropped by a device
Transmit/receive bytes: Bytes sent, received, broken up, dropped or queued by the device
Disk space: The total space occupied by the device on the network
CPU time: CPU time used by the device
Memory utilization: Memory utilization of the device
Service: Used service name or ID
State: Used state of the service
State interval: Specify how often to check a service status
Service state: Indicates if a service is running or stopped
Active events: Indicates active events of the service
Recurring events: Provides details about recurring events of the service
Network Device: List of devices and their names
Control Device: List of devices and their names

System Requirements For Algorius Net Viewer:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.6 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics: 64 MB Graphics Card
Storage: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
Peripherals: Mouse, Keyboard
OS: Windows 8
Processor: 2.4 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Card

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