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is finally back with his famous 0day. the bartenderspecialist has managed to obtain a copy of vbulletin 4.1.2, along with all of its security issues. this 0day is patched in version 4.2, so this is the last time that any vulnerable information is available.
bartender has long been a master of vbulletin! this version is a great opportunity for seasoned experts to step up their game by taking vbulletin to the next level. arguably, this 0day belongs to the vbulletin community, and most of you might not even realize it!
one of the most important aspects of any 0day is exploit kit. the bartender found an exploit in vbulletin that he says is very easy to exploit. the exploit kit looks to be a modified version of the kiss 0day. bartender has not been able to verify that it is in fact an exploit kit of kiss, but it is likely since their backdoor uses the same sql injection technique.
note from bartender: vbulletin provides detection for quite a few exploits. none of these exploits will trigger the detection.this 0day was patched by bartender in 4.1.2, so it’s officially not an issue. however, it is worth pointing out that there are plenty of attacks out there that target this exploit. you can download the 0day from bartender’s site. if you are interested, or want to steal bartender’s work, it’s all available for download.
this macro is loaded into the general macros file to be used in programs containing 4-digit serial numbers for the purpose of flushing the serial number from the date/time clock on the date completion page.

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