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The designator will be assigned automatically to the first element in the list where the data type is correctly specified. Note that if the data type specifies the size of an array dimension or the indexing rules for an array..The designator must not be used to specify the indexing of a record, set, subrecord, or sub.

Control of the formatting characters – Special characters are used to provide user control of the typeface and size of the selected element. The following table shows the format control codes for a character font selection..

The quotability control character, used to mark the beginning of a quoted string. The quotable control character is a backslash followed by a plus sign, hyphen, apostrophe, or slash..Marking a file that contains multilingual data.

. Turning a container into a sub-storage area – Using a storage area. · Using the TRIM command to remove the values in a storage area.

. Marking a block as read-only – A storage area set at a read-only block. · Scrubbing the contents of a file in a storage area. · Formatting the name of a storage area.

. A check item – A check in a storage area that applies a given condition to its data.



. Choosing the format of a container – Using a storage area. · Choosing the typeface of a storage area. · Setting the fill color of a storage area..


Storage areas provide you with storage for data, and you cannot place files in storage areas. A storage area is similar to a disk drive.. Decomposing a container – Decompose a container to examine the data in the containers. · Compacting a storage area – Discard all the data from the storage area and re-create it in a storage area of a smaller size..

. Using the APPE option – Use the APPE (advanced partitioning editor) option to move data from one storage area to another.. The partitioning editor window – Use the partitioning editor to move data from one storage area to another.


. Choose the Command-Line Interface – Use a Command-Line Interface (CL

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