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Name Cartridge Defense
Publisher Admin
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Cartridge Defense 2022 Crack is a hand-crafted tower defense game for mobile with 3D rendering and 3D object-oriented gameplay.
The game is inspired by classic tower defense games like Magic Tower Defense and Tower Defense – Kizoku Kassenai but expands on the genre with a more unique approach.
– New tower types, card sets, and items have been created and balanced to ensure a fast and challenging gameplay experience.
– There is a strong emphasis on user customization: the level and card sets are generated randomly to ensure unique gameplay everytime you play.
– Create unique decks by combining different towers, cards, targeting systems and items.
– Each level has a diverse amount of enemies each with their own spawning algorithm and loot distribution.
– The combinations of towers, cards, and special abilities are randomized, creating massive amounts of replayability.
– A unique 3D art style and fluid animations add immersion to the game.
– Responsive controls that use the accelerometer and tilt the device.
– Steam achievements, Steam trading cards, Steam Cloud saves, Steam Cloud support.
Cartridge Defense was built from the ground up for mobile with Unity.
And is built from the ground up for VR and had Valve Index support included from the beginning.

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Additional Information

Name Cartridge Defense
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.84 / 5 ( 8493 votes )
Update (4 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Support game Xbox, PS3, AND PC gamers
  • One key for each video game you own
  • Cross compatible with every game??; plays games that came
    with a cartridge
  • Transfer data from one device to another, so you’ll always
    have your game ready on your next hardware upgrade
  • Export Gameplay data for award tracking
  • Plays Xbox one, PS3, and PC games
  • How to learn more:

    • Get a at
    • Search Facebook:
    • Download Play Store:

    Exclusive Trailer:

    CartridgeDefense Network is the #1 Fanbase game Booster that automatically
    redetects your saved game in a Nintendo Wii or Game Cube in seconds. If you have videos on your console you even can play videos with your game without any expension disk (Wii, GameCube, Xbox,
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    Best Features:

    • Supports games from: Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, XBox 360,
      Play station 3, PS3, PC, Playstation 2 and other games.
    • Redetect your save games for Nintendo Wii, Gamecube, and Xbox game
    • Customize your Booster key
    • Cross compatible booster and you can play your games on Xbox,
      Play station, Wii with no cartridge, any game
    • You can transfer play data, video, music on any game port
    • Export gameplay data for award tracking
    • Simultaneously detect your console and game in minutes.


    Cartridge Defense Free Download [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

    * Build huge tower mazes and use them to kill enemies.
    * Craft, place and upgrade your own towers, and customize them with best-in-class targeting systems.
    * Find cards, packs, items and targeting systems in levels, and unlock them with the game’s “Unlock System”.
    * Unlock cards, crafting components, trophies and more after advancing through the story.
    * Play the campaign level with specific enemy cards, and play as a certain faction in a random level to earn special weapons.
    * New roguelike mode that we are planning to develop based on user feedback.
    * Pick up allies that can spawn on your towers to crush your enemies.
    * Play in 4 different game modes: Campaign, Roguelike, Versus, and Kartridge Race.
    * 60 wave-based battle sequences.
    * 32 enemy robots with unique skills and abilities.
    * Multiple game difficulties.
    * Playable weapons including an on-board pulse laser, a molecular nuke, a stock beam sabre, a fully automatic grenade launcher, a particle cannon, a shielded blunderbuss, and a teleport pod for extra mobility.
    * Content updates on a monthly basis.
    * Free to play in Steam Early Access until completion of all game features.

    We aim to keep the game fun and accessible for all ages and skill levels. Cartridge Defense in Early Access will be a fully featured strategy game for Windows with no microtransactions, pay-to-win, or free to play mechanics.

    Are you committed to seeing the game get better? Let us know what you think by joining the Discord!

    Explore an expansive tower defense world with unique cards, towers, treasures, bosses and more!
    Earn in-game currency when you play, spend it to unlock new cards, towers and better odds of victory!
    Expand your deck with more than 90 tower cards by upgrading them and building your own decks!
    Play as one of three factions with special powers and abilities!
    Win as much as possible and earn cool in-game prizes!
    Have an idea for a new tower, card or feature? Let us know!

    Free to play, no pay-to-win, no microtransactions.

    Train your strategy skills to advance on the leaderboard.

    Compete in high-score battles or be crowned the One True King.

    Enjoy balanced gameplay thanks to a comprehensive AI system.



    Cartridge Defense Free License Key PC/Windows [Updated]

    Background Cartridge Defense:

    After having enjoyed the success of our first game Cartridge Defense, we have decided to further develop the game’s mechanics, as well as the scope of the game world. We plan to add to the existing 30 levels, possibly expand into multiple zones, and continue to upgrade our levels with new features and content.We plan to expand the game into a traditional roguelike in the very near future, creating a new roguelike mode where we will test and balance out new mechanics before adding them to the current levels and finalizing Cartridge Defense to our standards.We will be updating the game on a monthly basis in the near future. We are aiming to have the following monthly updates completed before we begin Early Access:Fully translate and release the game into French, Spanish and Italian.Add 4 new levels.Update existing game mechanics.Adjust all gameplay elements (Targeting, Upgrades, Defense, UI) and graphics.Add new tower types.Add more unique enemy types.Make more playlists (story, sponsored mode, survival).Add a roguelike mode.Investigate all the issues with the current gameplay.Investigate all the issues with the current technical features.Work on optimizing and scaling the engine.Release the game on Steam Early Access with new features.Create a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.Release all the cards in the game.Hire additional staff to the team.After the game release on Steam and other marketplaces, create an official website and complete the webpack.We plan to update the game on a monthly basis in the near future. We are aiming to have the following monthly updates completed before we begin Early Access:Additionally, as the development progresses we plan to put a lot of focus on community features and content that will continue to be released into the Early Access.To use your Steam account, you need to have a Steam Community Profile. Your Steam Community Profile can be setup through your Steam account. How to setup a Steam Community Profile: to using a Steam Community Profile: 1. Create an account at Log in to your account3. Click the button, follow the instructions4. Add a profile picture, and add a description.5. Follow the link for your Steam community profile.6. Go back to Steam and log in with your account7. Add a friend on Steam8. Add Steam API Token. You can get a Steam API


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