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natural reactors have revolutionized the field of chemical engineering and recently have become a paradigm for very complex, high temperature and/or molten salt systems. fundamental to the reactor design is the molten salt, which is an aqueous solution of nacl, kcl, nh4cl, and other salts, of various concentrations and additives. alkali-chloride salts are also used to regenerate the reactants, such as h2, co2, h2o and co, in thermal power and in hydrogen production. the molten salt is a secondary source of power generation. as the molten salt is heated, the salt begins to vaporize, and reactants carried inside the salt react with each other and give off the heat. next, the salt falls back to the bottom of the reactor and the cycle continues.

if you want to know more about how csps, solar, as well as how they compare with other fuels you can visit the website of csp encyclopedia. it gives you more information about csp or concentrated solar power.

the hfss is one of three laboratory facilities located at academic institutions across the united states and is specifically designed to test the performance of receivers and thermochemical reactors under realistic conditions. it is capable of delivering up to 10 kw of high flux radiation using xe-arc lamps with a photo-spectrum similar to sunlight. the simulation laboratory is equipped with data acquisition and control hardware (temperature, mass flow rates, pressure) residual gas analysis (mass spectroscopy and ndir) and is fully compatible with a range of reactor geometries and sizes. beyond testing concentrated solar power receivers and solar thermochemical reactors, this facility is well suited for testing materials and/or engineered structures for a range of high temperature applications.


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