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CCDisk is a drive image software for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note1/2, Note3 and Note4. CCDisk can be either used as a drive image or drives format software.

CCDisk can be used not only on Samsung Galaxy device, but also on you android phone or tablet. CCDisk is the best solution if you want to add unlimited space to SD card and use it as external hard drive. CCDisk enables you to create a bootable drive image or drives format to use your media, videos, music etc.

CCDisk does not only have partition tool but also has other features such as: resizing partitions, formatting entire card, backup and restore partition and so on. CCDisk is the cheapest and easiest software to create a bootable image of your internal or external SD card.


Can create bootable drive image and the whole SD card

Best for Android phone and tablet

Support Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note1/2, Note3, Note4 and tablet

No software installation needed after install the SDK

How To Use:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your computer through USB

Before you start, please connect to the Samsung Galaxy and select the mobile device on the left sidebar.

Use the A) Windows® button to mount the SD card

After mounting the SD card, you will find the drive in the left sidebar

Use the x button (A hard disk) on the right sidebar to format or partition the SD card

Use the X button (A drive image) on the right sidebar to create a drive image

Select the sizes that you want to format and click on the button.

Click on the button to start creating the drive image or partition

After creating the drive image, you will see a small window appear.

Click on the X button (A drive image) on the right sidebar to start burning the drive image.

After starting the burning process, click on the X button (A drive image) again to stop the process.

Share CCDisk to get support

If you have any questions or issues with CCDisk, please feel free to contact us by providing your email address.

Unable to connect your Galaxy with SCCDisk. If the port is selected to HSBH, see below:

1. Install Samsung USB Connecter on your

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Nov 13th 2017. A Trial Version Of CCDisk Is Available To The Public. an online application to enable you to mount up your OS drive or a network hard drive on the internet….
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