Cuyicutterplotterdriverzip takes a single argument, the name of a test to run. depending on the arguments it encounters in the command line, it will run a particular test, or in the case of specific arguments, it will execute the block that follows the name.

basic usage if you have a test that is called bin/test_cuyicutter_plotter, then run -c test_cuyicutter_plotter

that means that if bin/test_cuyicutter_plotter is called with arguments, then will run the block in the ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ namespace.

if a test has a ‘run’ method with arguments, then will run that test with those arguments.

if a test has no ‘run’ method, or if it has a ‘run’ method and an argument, will run that test with the name of that test as an argument.

examples runs the test ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ with the arguments given.

 $ python -c test_cuyicutter_plotter 

runs the ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ test with the given -c ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ –uri= runs the test called ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ with the given -c test_cuyicutter_plotter –uri= if ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’ has a ‘run’ method with args, then execute the code in ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’.com/

testing gzip gzip is not a required module but when running under python, the file being tested uses gzip. honors these options:

  • -c: ‘test_cuyicutter_plotter’..
  • –no-keep-gzip: keep the original zip file.
  • –force-no-keep-gzip: force the zip file to be output without any compression.
  • –force-gzip: force the zip file to be output in gzip format.
  • –full-compression: force the zip file to be output in full compression.
  • –compression: force the zip file to be output in a specific compression.
  • –oneline: keep the orig. zip file and truncate the test results to the oneline.

for example:

 $ python runtests.

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