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★★★★★★-With 10,000 players to date
★★★★★★-Powerful: Hundreds of zombies with weapons
★★★★★★-Unique, entertaining gameplay
★★★★★★-Best Interface
★★★★★★-Best Menu
★★★★★★-Best Graphics
★★★★★★-Best Sound
★★★★★★-Best Game Mechanics
★★★★★★-Best level of addictiveness
★★★★★★-One of the best pay-to-win games (yes, it’s pay-to-win)
★★★★★★-This is the most addictive, fun and entertainment game ever!
“I took the stairs, not the elevator. Just in case.”
– Steve Jobs
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Are you a good zombie? That’s what one player is going to find out at ZombieEater! Zombies were walking through his house, then they changed their mind at the front door. Up until he just went to dinner, then the “damned zombies” came home. What will he do?
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Hunted Down! | A zombie apocalypse survival game by Infendo Games!
Hunted Down! is a survival game in which you can play as one of several character and explore a large procedurally generated world.
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Deadly Rain Features Key:

  • Brand New Game!
  • Highly detailed characters and environments
  • Different fighting styles
  • Excellent gameplay, non touch controls
  • Enemy and Boss AI for each fight
  • 7 hour extended single player campaign with over 2 hours of challenge.
  • High replay value
  • Beautiful stylized anime art
  • Awesome soundtrack with remixed bass heavy style

ShikhondOSE,-Uploaded-29-June-2016 (1)Preview:Guodong(果東) – Original Sound Track

Guodong(果東) – Original Sound Track Game Key features:

  • Brand new game!
  • Highly detailed characters and environments
  • Different fighting styles
  • Excellent gameplay, non touch controls
  • Enemy and Boss AI for each fight
  • 7 hour extended single player campaign with over 2 hours of challenge.
  • High replay value
  • Beautiful stylized anime art
  • Awesome soundtrack with remixed bass heavy style


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Spirits of Light is an action-adventure game with RPG elements and a premise inspired by the tale of the little red hat. A game developed by a single person that hopes to provide you with a few hours of action, adventure and mysteries to be unraveled. For that, a fun and smooth mechanic inspired by the term Souls-like. Enemies, bosses and significant companions. A story full of mysteries. And an epic copyrighted soundtrack made especially for the game.
You must choose your path!
In Spirits of Light there will be times when your choice will be essential. What will define the end and how far you will come on your journey.
Explore “The Idril Forest” with its secrets and dangers!
Much of the game takes place in the Idril forest. A place full of beauty, mysteries and fascination as well as traps, monsters and powerful beings.
Face scary monsters that sprout from the forest!
On your journey you will encounter monsters and scary creatures. At this point you will have to prove your skills and expertise in combat.
Challenge powerful bosses imbued with strength and power.
You will face great challenges and to move forward you will have to be able to conquer them, but everything will depend on difficult choices.
Simple but beautiful graphics.Fantastic combat and awesome moments.Face unique bosses.Level Up system like RPGs.Amazing and unique music.Weapons and movesets different ones to try out.Unravel the riddles behind the plot.
Green fields was its name, as green was more present than any other color. From the huge trees covered in leaves on summer days to the grass that shines in the sun. The shade of green was great, but not the only one. The blue, sparkling in the mornings and deep in the waters. Yellow, precious as gold in sunlight. And a small neighborhood gave the environment another tone. He being more special than any of the others. Like an enigma, dressed in mystery. Like a yearning for the final pages of a book.
A sage called it the “Beginning and Ending” prophecy. Someday. When no one waits. A dragon will cross the skies and a great red Being will descend to earth, destroy and rebuild this world to take it as his own. And nobody will be able to avoid it. But one day someone disagreed with this premonition. Then.
Soon the verdant tone of this place will be usur


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Lasting RomanceFor fans of the Romance genre, this pack contains a variety of romantic background tracks, including a Song of Love, romance can be a defining part of your game. So, whether you’re writing the story or running a player’s romance, this pack will keep the romance alive in your world.
About This ContentDo you wish to play the love story of your fantasy game? This pack gives you access to a variety of soft romantic background music.
Comfort Me!For those of you who like to play a game or write a story, romantic background music gives the game or story more details and romance.
Graphic AccomplishmentFor those of you who like to play a game or write a story, romantic background music helps the game or story become much more interesting.
Extra Life Tracks!In this pack we will add 6 tracks to bring you an extra life. If you want to play your game with a different atmosphere then you can get this free pack.
PacksAdd atmosphere to your game with our packs.
Please note that “RPG Maker MZ – The Adventurer’s Journey” and “RPG Maker MV – The Adventurer’s Journey” are the same pack, only the title “MV” and “MZ” are different. The content in these packs are exactly the same, so if you already have one of these packs, you don’t have to purchase the other!
About This ContentIn this DLC you find full soundtrack from the game.
Will You Help The Wayward Child and Save The Little Heart From Pain?The young boy was lost after a forest quest. Will you save the child? Collect coins and gain the kid’s trust.Unlock Additional Characters Play as any of the 7 playable characters, each with their own movesets, skill trees, game pieces and skills. You will need to unlock more playable characters to play through the game in full. From the thief, royal knight, merchant or wizard, to the Ranger, Ice Climber and Lasher. Featuring pre-rendered graphics and outstanding character design, and voice acting.Gothic DawnMix Fantasy and Anime themes with Japanese culture. Explore other worlds as they might be… Interactive CitySelect from a huge selection of graphics, like the English New York, the American San Francisco, the German Munich and the World of Cities.
More FeaturesPlay as a variety of characters and help guide a young boy to safety. Complete quests for the citizens of each city, to gain both trust and coins. Travel through the


What’s new in Deadly Rain:

Will Inspire You to Shine Every Day

Your future self will be more powerful than you can imagine, inspiring you to create and cultivate the world you want, one day at a time.

Listen to your future self without difficulty or fear.

Your future self will inspire you to be your best self, and you’ll start to tap into qualities of yourself that you didn’t know were possible.

“While it’s true that many of our goals have some outer measure, the task of becoming our highest and best self is too big for just one day.

“Many people make that mistake, and unfortunately, those who do may not pass on those failures, big or small, to their future selves. (It’s okay to share with that person some pointers or help them feel less alone, but you are responsible for your own development.)”

The urge to improve, to evolve, comes from your future self, and your intention matters.

This isn’t about changing behavior, or short term results, it’s about fully embodying those qualities within yourself and radiating them to others, making a great impact to the world.

Great things can happen by you sharing your truth, your dreams, your vision, and your creativity, bringing joy to the people around you and eventually will lead to long-term fulfillment and happiness.

If you give a flower a little water, a little sun and a little warmth, in the end it will make the flower a great deal of beauty. – Lao Tz.

Lao Tz.


This is the deepest and most important work that you’ll ever do.

Getting the truth about this into your heart, through love, compassion and empathy, you will start to resonate with a powerful energy – nurturing yourself as you are.

You always have a choice: to accept and manifest reality, the way it is, or to not. This is the power that you have always have been and the energy you need to start realizing the way you want to be.

Your life is, will always be, a series of choices that will feed you into the world in the way you want.

“There’s no such thing as lack of growth.

“You’re just in your own expansion.”

~ Greg Erickson


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PICO PARK is an atmospheric indie text-adventure game. After a long night of partying, a young delinquent gets locked out of his house. The next morning, the new day brings the temptations of the world around you as you struggle to reclaim your name and ID.
What is PICO PARK?
▶ 12+ hardcore game mechanics and mechanics to prepare for:
You don’t have to worry about enemies with bullets. They move in the most unpredictable patterns.
You can’t bring any weapons with you. All you have are your wits and the items you find along your way.
You have to find the key to unlock your way out of Pico Park.
What are the mechanics?
▶ First-Person Perspective
You play as Pico Park. Your every move is the chosen one’s nightmare.
▶ Linear Gameplay
The game is linear. You have to find the way out.
▶ No Boredom
In PICO PARK, your journey is exciting. You’re not just pushing the same button to find out what happens next. You’re being pulled along by your environment, by the story.
You’ll be jumping and climbing over many obstacles. Keeping your bearings in a constantly changing environment will be a real challenge.
▶ Realistic Realities
The world around you is fully fleshed out. Not only is it realistic but there is also a complete living ecosystem.
The night is falling. You and your friends have been partying and you’re late for work. Now you’re supposed to be in training.
You fall asleep on the side of a road. You find a piece of paper with numbers written on it. Somehow you find your house number on the side of a building. And the next morning you wake up in Pico Park.
As a delinquent, you have to find the key to get out of Pico Park. The streets will test you in your decision making abilities. Your opportunities will be limited. You have a strong desire to leave. But you have no idea where to start.
You can pick up just about anything, but you can also smash it. The stuff you pick up makes noise, which means you can move faster. It is important not to smash precious items because this will also affect your survival.
What makes PICO PARK different?
▶ An Organic World
You interact with the environment. The game presents the player with various environmental hazards that function based on their surroundings.


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