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The short answer would be, yes. The first question you need to ask is “Do I really need Linux?” If your answer to that is “no,” the following steps will get you back into your home system.
The Home tab allows you to view the items on the History list. The Home tab also shows information about the currently selected notebook. This type of data is called the Home property. “The notebooks in the Home list have properties that associate them with the currently selected notebook,” explains Microsoft. “The Home property is used to list the notebooks in the Home list. If all notebooks have properties associated with them, the Home property will be empty.”
To read more information about the Home tab on a selected notebook, click the Home tab. The Home tab page shows the list of properties available in that notebook and a description of each property. The Properties dialog box enables you to add or delete properties. By default, the Home list and the Properties dialog box are shown on the Home tab of the active notebook.
From the menu bar, click the File icon, and then click Open. If necessary, sign in as a user with permissions to open this document. Click the location where you want to save the file. When the file download is complete, click OK.
Note the following:

Document information is based on the source of the document.

Office programs send the document to a server before it is saved to local storage. The server stores the downloaded document in the server’s temporary storage. The path to the temporary storage directory where the document is saved is provided by the Application Programming Interface (API). To use the temporary storage directory in a document, click the File tab, and then click Temporary Internet Files.

Information about the Software Installer application is based on the programs installed on the computer.

The Microsoft Office 2013 Software from the Software Store installer appears on the Action Center. When you click it, the Install button is available in the right pane of the Software Store.

Microsoft Office 2013 List My Preferences dialog box provides an option to show or hide the Start Screen. If you click the Start Screen, you will see a list of options.

To set the default location for downloads for a selected file, click the Save As button.

Install Office on Windows 8.1

Click the blue Office Button, and then choose Start.

If a shortcut is not already on your desktop, click the blue Store icon, point


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