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A small, lightweight but highly practical tool for converting and extracting email files. The program supports most of the file types supported by various email clients, e.g. MSG, EML, DAT, PST, OST, HTML, TXT, and PFF.
Sophisticated batch processing is available, saving you the time needed to process email files manually. In other words, you can just enter the source and target folders and start the conversion process.
Support for private key and parent certificate extraction is also included. As for the attachments, you have the option to convert them either to another email format or to other files, e.g. TXT, DOC, GIF, JPG, PDF, PSD, and XLS.
You can review our Email Converter.NET reviews to gather additional information about the software available on the market.

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Email Converter .NET Crack Full Version

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Email Converter .NET Free License Key

E-mail converter.Net
Email Converter.Net helps you convert and extract attachments from emails. Convert and extract attachments from emails with ease. Email has very simple and easy to use interface to help you.
Main Features:
* Supports all formats of emails such as EML, MSG, PST, OST
* Supports batch conversion
* E-mail converter.Net has very simple and easy to use interface to help you.
System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/10.1/Mac OS X 10.5 or Later
* Free software
* All Software are Freeware, Ad supported, Risk free and Easy to use.
** Click Here to Download and Install **

As you have seen in the ad, the conversion is all done to you using the GUI interface, which is probably the biggest usability advantage.
You also get the support for the following conversion options:
Email to text or HTML
OST to text or HTML
While going through the tool interface, we also spotted a Repair option, which means you can make it work again if there are issues.
And now, let’s take a look at how the program performs in the area of conversion. The best part of the program is its speed, since it could do conversion in a couple of seconds in most cases. The conversion rate is quite impressive, and the complete conversion process will only take you a matter of seconds, if not minutes.
Moreover, Email Converter.NET is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, meaning it should work on all versions of the platform starting from Windows XP. Obviously, the application supports both Windows 7 and later versions, which means there are no compatibility issues.
Last but not least, the program offers a 30-day trial. Should you need more time for testing the software, you can always activate the license key you received from us.
If you are exploring your options when trying to explore the content of your EML, MSG, Outlook and Live Mail files, search no more since Email Converter.NET could be it.
The program offers some basic email conversion features along with a series of tools dedicated to extracting attachments, catering to the needs of users who don’t want to bother with advanced configuration.
Helps you convert EML, MSG, PST and

What’s New in the Email Converter .NET?

Convert EML, MSG, PST and OST to other file formats.
Create HTML and TXT documents from attachments in EML files.
Extract certificates and private keys from certificates in EML files.
Batch conversion for EML and MSG files.
Auto-detection of remaining passwords.
Extract or export emails from archives.
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System Requirements For Email Converter .NET:

Windows 10 or higher (64-bit)
4 GB of RAM
1 GB of VRAM
Dual Core processor
DirectX 9.0c
Windows 10 Game Pack (available from Windows 10 update)
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