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The Elden Ring is an action RPG and medieval fantasy where players assume the role of heroes. Players craft and customize their unique characters to accomplish the quest of a lifetime: to receive the Elden Sign. You create a hero that will be the first to reawaken the Elden Sign.

In addition, the game is a combination of a full service strategy game, combining party and guild management with a real-time combat system. Craft and build up your own raid team or prepare to fight against high level opponents in a fierce battle, and show the strength of your team by collecting a variety of skills.

Through constant updates, we will bring you a more gripping experience!


Zentero is a digital game production company that provides newly launched games with proactive support. We cultivate and develop games with high expectations for the players by listening to their desires and supporting them until the end.

We built ‘Elden Ring’, which will be delivered to the Nintendo Switch™ at the end of this year. Please look forward to it!

Watch the ‘Elden Ring Reveal Trailer’ here:


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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The awe-inspiring world of Tarnished Mortimer
    Worlds are connected by portals, and in these worlds, secrets, power, and wealth await you!
  • The Elden Ring, a sword for raising your power
  • A diverse and deep world that is filled with action and drama
  • An interweaving story that continues to develop
  • An explosive battle that is deeper than the story the characters tell
  • Customization of appearance, weapons, armor, and much more
  • Gorgeous graphics with lighting effects, effects, and water that reflect the excitement of the game and the world
  • Game that you are not alone. You can feel the presence of other players
    in the world and interact with them
  • Easy controls for novices and those who want to control their own feelings
  • Development team:

    • Kei Inafune’s signature Games Developer, Valhalla Game Studios has become famous for developing and producing games that are beautiful and with intense action.
      Their latest title is “BlazBlue” BlazBlue.
    • Ubisoft, a leading worldwide publisher and developer of interactive entertainment products known for the excellence of its products, is fully committed to supporting “Tarnished”.
    • Inafune stated, “To create a game like Tarnished, you need an extremely talented team. A team that will fill the world with a peculiar atmosphere and write a high quality story.
      For that reason, it was important for me to collaborate with a studio that can express the power of Valhalla.
      I began working on the story of “Tarnished” with Yongjia Zhang, Ragnar Tørnquist and the members of the Valhalla Game Studios.
      This team includes writers, artists, programmers, and composers with a very strong passion for the world of Tarnished.
      It is their great experience and talent that allows them to create an even more beautiful game.
      It is with them that I created Tarnished.”


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      [Japanese reviews]

      [4/5] データRPG Action おもちゃ!たくさん遊べるレンズドブンゲー『The Elden Ring Torrent Download: Rise from Tarnished』

      Play As:

      [回答の可能性] 元となる魔界の危機のターンで「福」「悪」という魔界の差を超えて初めて魔界の国を訪れたお前は
      ▼ いつものように魔界の呪いは完全に打ち砕かれたが、今日は一体どうして魔界の国に来たんだ?そんなお前の謎を解くぞ!
      ▼ 初めて聞くのは、手足を結束させたお前の進化を取り戻す思想があるお前であろう
      ▼ あまりにも小さな魔界の国だが仕方なく訪れたお前は、ここではその”お前”としていいのだ。
      ▼ お前がお前の思想の”お前”になればいろいろな展開がある
      ▼ お前を用心棒に捉えたり、一部の魔法を身につけてお前の力を満たした


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      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      What is the Adventurer Mode?

      The Adventurer Mode is for the players who wish to battle against formidable monsters with their teammates, but not join the world of online players. They will be able to enjoy single-player content only.

      The words “Rain,” “Thunder,” “Ruby,” “Sunset,” “Rising,” “Lakes” appearing on the main menu screen are a reference to the character cards presented in Shadowverse, a card game developed by Sword Art Online and Fate’s Chinese publisher Rising Star Games.

      The words above are taken from the story of Sword Art Online and Fate, as well as the artist’s comments on anime visual novels.

      「このゲームでは、通常のゲームとは異なり、キャラクターの装備ではお馴染みの美術作品にアップグレードを適用される『フェザー』の機能を活用する。これで、美術の機能を使いこなすのは単なる器画に比べ当然! 今回は参考にされたのがまさにその『フェザー』です。」(オリジナル版のキャラクターデザインコストスルジー)

       “In this game, you can enhance your weapons and equipment to look like artworks as you become accustomed to normal gaming, which is merely a simulation of art. It’s normal-play, but using a feature of art. In this case, it’s exactly like Fairway’s art feature. ”



      Download Elden Ring Crack + Full Product Key

      1.Extract all files from the zipped folder.
      2.After extraction, copy the “Tmp Folder” to the installation folder you prefer.
      3. Run the Emulator, then play the game.

      The Tarnished Sealed Ring of the Elden Ring is a network based game, in other words, players can play together by connecting to the network.

      If you haven’t yet to a network player’s home, if you want to play along, you can connect to an Internet Cafe, or to the server that you are going to play.

      ◆ How to connect to a network party ◆
      To connect to a network party, just select “Add New Player” in the Lobby screen, then choose the “Open Network”, “Add Computer or Network”. Then you will be able to log in to your computer/machine.

      You can choose to connect through LAN or Internet and the network mode is automatic. If a network is installed, then you don’t need to change the network mode.

      On the Network Setting screen, you can freely connect to a friend’s computer or a local computer.

      2.Internet-running LAN Party Mode
      When you open the net mode, you will be added to the same party with a friend, regardless of whether you are connected to a network.

      You can communicate directly with each other by selecting “Mutual Chat” in the upper right corner.Ultrastructural organization of the presumptive sinoatrial region of Xenopus laevis.
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      How To Crack:

    • Take the crack file from the the ‘README.txt’ in the download folder
    • Extract the files to it’s own folder
    • If you are using W7/8/8.1 then use the following guide:

    1 – When the extraction is complete, double-click’setup.msi’

    2 – Follow the instructions of the setup wizard

    3 – Install the game and enjoy. If you want to play the game without the tutorial, then once you have installed the game, find the ‘dlc.txt’ file you downloaded earlier and read it – It will provide a.BAT for you to run – if you run this.BAT, it will open the game seamlessly with the tutorial.

    How To Setup & Run Elden Ring:

    • Right click and extract file you downloaded in Step 1 – I suggest you select a folder in your desktop first.
    • Start the installation to proceed with it:
    • Double-clicking on the ‘Elden Ring.exe’ file will run the installation. If you installed from a.BAT, then you will need to browse for it in it’s own folder after the.exe file has been opened to run the installation.

      After the installation is complete, and you exit the setup wizard, you should find that the ‘Elden Ring.dll’ file has also been added to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Elder Scrolls Online\dlc folder.

    • Install the crack if you haven’t already done so.
    • Launch the game to try the installation.


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