Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator Crack 2022 [New]







Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator [Latest 2022]

This program will be very useful for your mobile phone.
How to use?
Create the wallpaper images through the main window.
Drag and drop images from your computer to the main window of the program.
Output image will be created as a wallpaper of your mobile phone.
Previewing the output image is possible through the main window.
File format:
JPG and PNG.
Supported devices:
All mobile devices supporting the above format.
Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator Limit:
No limit.

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Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator Download [32|64bit]

Ease of use is one of the advantages of this application and the interface makes no difference. It consists of a single window, with no additional configuration options or complicated menus, enabling you to view the three pictures you selected for the output image.
To make things even more easier, the application allows you to simply drag and drop the input images within its main window. On the downside, it only supports images with a resolution of 240×320 pixels, which is the standard format for mobile phone wallpapers. Therefore, you might need to resize pictures before using the application.
Once all three input images are loaded, the application enables you to preview the output before actually generating it. The result can be saved to a custom location on your computer, in JPEG or PNG format. The output pictures can be then uploaded to your mobile phone and used as wallpapers.
Although it is mainly designed to create wallpapers for the GT-S5603 model of Samsung phones, the application can be used with the majority of smartphones out there, since most of them accept 240×320 images as their desktop background.
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Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator Free Download Related Software
28 Feb 2012 13:02:03 +0000This application helps you create customized wallpapers for your phone. It supports the majority of Samsung phones including:GT-S5500GT-S5600GT-S5700GT-S5800GT-S5900GT-S6900GT-S7000GT-S7100GT-S7300GT-S8500GT-S8900GT-S8805GT-S8910GT-S8920GT-S8930GT-S8940GT-S8945GT-S8950GT-S8955GT-S8960GT-S8965GT-S8970GT-S8975

Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator

Create your own unique mobile wallpapers. Make your mobile even more personal and special with your own pictures.
* Create your own desktop wallpaper by converting any picture you like (up to 3 pictures)
* Crop any picture prior to conversion
* Preview picture
* Save you picture for your phone by creating MP4 from pictures
* Create MP4 mobile wallpaper
* Convert any picture to MP4 with an option to crop the picture
* Convert pictures to MOV or JPEG for iPhone
* And lots of other images to create your own custom mobile wallpaper

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What’s New In?

– Create new custom desktop images for the Samsung GT-S5603 mobile phone.
– Efficiently write a new wallpaper to the Samsung GT-S5603 phone.
– Small application size: standalone software can be installed directly on the phone.
– Bright, high contrast, and easy to read.
– Multiple popular bitmap formats for input images.
– Support for the Samsung GT-S5603 phone.

Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator is compatible with the following operating systems:


Mac OS X


Windows Mobile 7

Windows Mobile 8

Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 8

Free, but we still think you should give it a try:

AntivirusWe suggest you to scan your device using an antivirus to ensure that it is not infested with any kind of malware. You can download the latest version of Kaspersky Lab Free Antivirus for your phone.

Other useful links: Samsung GT-S5603 – unboxing, screenshots, wallpapers, user guide, more.


Samsung GT-S5603 Wallpaper Creator – Comprehensive solution for editing, creating, previewing and installing custom mobile phone wallpapers.

Main Features

Create a new wallpaper, or edit an existing one with additional features:

– Create a new custom wallpaper – drag and drop the images you wish to use in the application’s main window.
– Edit an existing one – edit pictures to change their content or add/remove/change the order of the pictures and/or add text over the images.
– Preview of the generated desktop image – check whether the file is suitable for the phone’s resolution.
– Generate the image and set it as a background – write a new wallpaper to the phone. The resulting image can be saved to your PC or to the phone itself.
– Supported Samsung mobile phones – it can create desktop wallpapers for the Samsung GT-S5603 phone. It is also compatible with the majority of other smartphones.



HD video tutorial – Step by step guide that shows how to use the application.

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