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A narrative-driven text adventure set in the world of the medieval Canterbury Tales.
Story and Game Length:
The Road to Canterbury is 175,000 words long and available in one playable version.
Playable with a computer mouse
Uses web browser versions of the Google Chrome or Safari web browser
Storybook Summary:
The Road to Canterbury is an interactive medieval adventure based on the world of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It was written by Kate Heartfield and it stars a female protagonist, Philippa de Roet, whose story you will tell. Join Philippa on her journey as you travel the same route as Chaucer himself, the custom official Geoffrey Chaucer, poet Geoffrey Chaucer, and the actual pilgrims of the Canterbury Tales.
The Road to Canterbury began with the idea of bringing the writers of the Canterbury Tales to life. Unfortunately, though Chaucer did write a text, he did not actually write it down on paper. Nevertheless, because the tales are so well-known, it seemed perfectly reasonable that there might be a much-loved musical version of Chaucer’s songs, performed by modern performers. This seems so natural that it’s hard to believe that no one had done it before. Kate Heartfield, a teacher and writer, noticed that it was a gap in the historical imagination of storytelling in general and in the world of the Canterbury Tales in particular.
The goal of the project is to spark imagination and imagination-based play, so it was important to do something adventurous with the format. Using the site Medium.com, Kate created a web storybook with all sorts of interactive features: view the interactive map of Canterbury, access the gallery of literary characters in the Tales, create different character avatars, and join or leave on-going conversations.
The goal of The Road to Canterbury is to be a full-fledged text adventure, not a literary game. Kate wrote the game herself, and tested it to make sure it would work and provide an experience for users. Kate also went to the trouble of translating Chaucer’s text into modern English, since his text wasn’t in a modern language. For more information about the translation, see the FAQ section on Medium.com.
The player is free to choose the order in which to read the Canterbury Tales and to make choices about the main characters. If one or more of the players is not familiar with Chaucer’s writings, then he or she can opt to skip the Canterbury Tales and read the Game Overview.
About The Author Kate Heartfield


Features Key:

  • Universal storage of settings
  • Display of different game parameters in the game client
  • Disabling any game parameter from the settings
  • Selectively avoid or control more or less

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    Feature list

    • Support for 3D rotation in and out of the game field
    • Plugin types system’ allowing left and right keys/joysticks
    • Support for playing strategies
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    • Nearly all ball types offered for the game pad

    Product details

    The quality of the emulation may not be ideal when it comes to playing some of the newer sports that are being provided in REFLASER, most especially for cricket and rugby. However, what is important is not the result but rather the satisfaction your game will provide you with. Any imperfection can be accepted with a smile on your face!

    • Compatibility with Motion Lab SDK and Game’s SDK
      • How to install Motion Lab SDK:
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        Download step 2.</ul


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        Take control of a helpless, depressed soul, trapped in a miserable life and let the Grim Reaper deal him the death he deserves!
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        If you get stuck, we’ve got a “Help” button, of course.
        And if none of that works, there’s also a “Hint” button.
        The complete list of objects you can find in the game is available inside the self-help book.
        While you’re in each room, you can get lots of points by doing stuff like:
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        Find the hidden shortcuts and manage the inventory in this old-school point and click misadventure game!
        How to play:
        Use your keyboard to move. Click on the objects you found to interact with them.
        Your goal is to combine objects to create other objects and deliver them in your backpack.
        If you’re already comfortable in your shoes with point and click adventure games, you should be fine.
        Otherwise, here’s a short list of the various options available:
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        What’s new:

        Crime Scenes

        Lady Sanguine groans against the restraints

        Mary the Hutt in her finest leathern wear, a headdress of corals, with the elder Sanguine Goddess..

        Kienirst Velour

        The Hutt on her stool, Jessica Robles as a priestess, with the elder Sanguine serving at the request of Mary.

        Sanguine Guzzler

        Mary the Hutt on a stool drinking! No one holds her down!

        And, finally, Jacqui Rico and the Elveness doing the job she was hired to do.These new stories are quite up my alley, such a fleshed out look at earlier stages of these characters.The two year old Jacqui wearing your standard mortal clothing is half adorable, but this outfit shows far more of her age than my once 16 year old would again.

        And of course, Mary the Hutt’s antics once again included some inventive alchemy.She does fear Vulkach Rot’uvel himself, and is angry and frustrated by her situation and very depressed.

        Well, on to the stories.

        There is more on Llaumai the Raddlingess now, but here is a tid-bit about Wendy.Les is still cleaning up the story and might take some time to go further, but let me know when YOU want to see this, as we have plans for more as well.

        Wendy loved the horror stories she’d heard so much, and when she was brought into the Gerleman’s journal, their attitudes and professions made it quite intriguing to see how these three interwove into the new universe.

        When you knew these people, it was no surprise at all to see how Andralee, Editha, and Tashe would blend together!

        When Wendy arrived at the DeHoore house, she was more surprised than ready, since it was clear that her arrival was not anticipated.

        This grandfather had, from the time she was as small as a toddler, been obsessed with a daydream.

        He had seen whole races of beings, buried deep in the earth or birthed from the depths of the oceans, and painted these as-

        “Uh, Thanks?”

        I am Wendy, and because of damage inflicted to my body, I am now reaching 2 years old on Earth.

        I am not a pet.

        “Pet!” he sputtered


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